The Reading Center, inc.
Class Descriptions

All classes are designed to strengthen students’ skills through the use of appropriate mulit-sensory games and developmentally appropriate activities.

Reading is Fun!

This program is designed to strengthen your child’s reading readiness skills the fun way—through games and activities. A certified reading specialist will gear activities towards your child’s needs. Lesson plans include working on letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, phonemic awareness, and concept of print. Your child will have the opportunity to master the building blocks of learning how to read (Ages 4-5)

Rookie Readers
Learning and reviewing beginning reading skills/strategies will not only help strengthen your child's reading, it can improve confidence in their reading. Strategies include working on phonics, word attack skills, fluency, and comprehension. The Reading Center Inc.’s certified reading specialist will motivate your child with stimulating books, games, and activities. (K-2nd grade)

Rising Readers
Students will be learning and reviewing reading strategies to help strengthen their reading skills. Strategies used focus on word attack skills, fluency and comprehension. Students will improve their confidence in reading ability while fostering their love of reading. (3rd and 5th grade)

Reading Review
Students will improve their reading comprehension by learning and practicing various cognitive reading strategies. Lesson plans include motivating, educational games and activities to help give your child an opportunity to become a strategic reader while working on fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.
(5th grade-8th grade)

Math is Fun!
This class will make learning numbers and understanding math concepts fun while working in both group and individual settings. Let your child explore hands-on math concepts: number recognition, number sequence, and concept of numbers, numbers, shapes & patterns, grouping/comparing/categorizing, and more. (Ages 4-6)

Story Time Yoga!
Growl like a lion! Jump like a frog! Soar like an eagle! Give your child an opportunity to channel their energy in a positive and fun way. Class will consist of simple yoga poses while at the same time being exposed to the elements of literacy through engaging books and music. What a great way to build strength - on the inside and out! (Ages 4-6)

Small Groups
Small groups are individualized. Groups are arranged by age and/or reading level. Please call for availability.
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